My thoughts on Tipping the Velvet, the movie not the activity :P

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I just watched Tipping the Velvet....and oh my gosh, it was so good. I wasn't expecting to like it all that much judging by the cover. But I really liked it. It was all about this girl Nan and her coming of age story. Realizing she's attracted to girls and then going on to actually experiencing life, and in the process falling in love. It was set in the late 1800s in Britain. Also, I was so totally enamored/in love with Florance by the end of it :)

The actress who played her was soooooooooo pretty and, Florance, as a character was a fantastic person. She has instantly become one of my favourite lesbian characters ever. Also, the actress who played her was so good, like, I actually believed in her. I believed her as that character. When she was talking about the girl she once loved, I felt it.


At the end I was sitting on my bed going "Don't you freaking throw that Rose to Kittie!! If you do, I'll be sooooooo freaking mad" Hah. It was silly but it certainly had me paying attention.

Did I mention that I thought Florance was unfathomably attractive and if I were Nancy, I wouldn't have any doubts about who I wanted to be with? To be honest, I didn't get the attraction to Kittie. I understand the attraction to Florance absolutely and even the maid girl. But Kittie? I don't get it. Did anyone feel that way? Every time Nan had a flashback about her, I was like, what the hell? You shouldn't be thinking about her, screw her!! Am I the only one who thought that Florance kinda deserved someone better?


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I got Nan's attraction to

I got Nan's attraction to Kitty... she was older and living a life Nan could only wish for. She was dramatic and made Nan feel special, and in Nan's naivety, she believed Kitty. Florance is pretty awesome, but Nan, in her own quirky way is too. I'm not sure I can say Florance deserved better, but I can say Nan still had some growing up to do by the end of the movie. D: I had the same reaction with the rose, it's like torture for a minute. D: I still need to get around to seeing what other roles the actresses from that film were in (been meaning to do that since I saw it D:)!

I don't know if you know this, but it's also based on a book by the same name... never read it but I've heard it's just as good as the movie. :B There's also another movie based on a different book by the same author- 'Fingersmith.' Equally as enjoyable, but different and distressing in some ways. (Even though the title sounds dirty, the film really isn't as naughty as Tipping is, imo).

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Ages since I've seen the

Ages since I've seen the adaptation (it was on in like a three part series here), but the book is just great. God, that year they showed part of it at Christmas as part of a year in review thing while I was at my granny's house. Me, granny, mum, grancher, various cousins in the living room and guess which bit they show the clip of?

That bit. Obviously. When Nan first meets Diana....

I literally wished I could die. Since I was about 14 and limitlessly embarrassable.

Sarah Waters writes brilliantly well-plotted, well-paced stories, but fairly unlikable characters (especially on second reading). In the book Florence is quite irritating, daughter-of-the-people sort of thing- although she's not as bad as either of the other two. And the romance between Nan and Kitty is quite sweet at first.

The adaptation of Fingersmith isn't very good, but the book is really enjoyable.

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I was 14 about to turn 15 when I first saw the TTV adaptation.

It was exam week for me, Pride week for the rest of the country and to celebrate this the Showcase channel was airing several queer-themed films because it was cool like that (this was before the station sold its soul and decided to cater to the frat-boy crowd so there's a shitty Judd Apatow movie being shown every weekend now). I saw Tipping the Velvet, Show Me Love and Hedwig and the Angry Inch in the space of a few days. It was almost too much for my nascent guilt-ridden lesbian mind. I had to watch them in absolute secrecy since I was still closeted to the family.

But that same secrecy enhanced the thrill I got from watching them. I was all "Holy shit-this-is-so-gay-like-me-I'm-so-glad-I'm-not-the-only-one!!" which did away with any objectivity I've gained towards those movies since. I was glued to the spot watching Tipping the Velvet, all three episodes back-to-back. I was there in the dark with the volume low and the captioning on, sitting maybe three feet away from the screen. It's been difficult trying to re-capture that same feeling of awe I had that first viewing (the same could be said about sex for me..I was to lose my virginity on that same spot I sat watching TTV a mere six months later.)

Now, having read the book, I think the movie is kind of campy.. Rachael Stirling is miscast as Nan and her acting is kind of hit-and-miss too. But I'm still all about the movie version of Florence. She's so...cozy.

And I do recommend you watch the Fingersmith adaptation next. It's a bit slow in places to be sure, but the two leads (Sally Hawkins, the maid in TTV plays Sue) generate a chemistry and intensity in their love scenes that had my head spinning.

I've found that I'll inevitably crush on an actress who appears in an adaptation of a Sarah Waters novel and end up following their career, watching the films they're in. Jodhi May, Sally Hawkins, Elaine Cassidy, Anna Madeley... What can I say? I like a pretty lady in a corset..

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