My weekend, looking back..

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Started thursday, I guess.. but that wasn't interesting. At all. Just stuffy rooms that tired to be high class but failed miserably, full of muffled conversations and too many people having those conversations... too many kids. I love kids, but... too many.

Friday... you all heard about that. Cute snowboard instructors, crushes on self taught people, almost breaking my knee. No joke.. I was very convinced that if I fell one more time somebody would have to call the snow patrol people cuz I woudln't be able to stand. I was surprised that I managed to make it down... damn that hurt. ><

Saturday.. seven miles of very steep uphills, no downhill until after we were done. I realized a lot... in a very cheesy way. Some crap about how uphill sucks so badly, but you have to power through... once you reach the top the downhill is easy, fun.. even if you're sore from the uphill. Something else about how uphill, even though I was -snow-shoeing, I was hot as hell. It wasn't right so I was miserable. Once I was at the top it was colder... it was right, I was happy. Put that into the terms of life... think about the fact that I'm trans. Yeah, I'm that cheesy.. Birds ate off of my hand. Wild birds. Landed on my fingers, only ate the big chunks. they were gorgeous..

Today... nothing until noon, even though some people were out cross country skiing. I was too sore to do anything physical, so I bailed. Hell, I woke up twice last night for no reason other than that I had to shift positions, and doing that caused too much pain for me to do so while asleep. Even kneeling on my mattress hurts my knee... it's -that- bruised... but it's like a movement bruise too. If I bend my knee to far or put too much effort into it, it hurts. But in a bruised way, not a muscle sore way. I have two different colors of bruises and four bruises on it. Craziness.

Drove back... ate lunch with Asher. It was crazy, but worth it. I didn't mind the awkwardness - it wasn't fully his fault.. ish. Doesn't matter, it was still fun. And no, it wasn't Ash that was awkward. He knows what I mean. xD

Home now.. I just want... I dunno. I wanna go to some huge trans or glbt or whatever gathering and meet some guy that'll sweep me off my feet, or whatever. You know, people don't lie. You only find somebody good when you're not looking. I only foudn senior after I was done caring. Now I care again, and there's nobody in sight. Life just sucks that way. Whatever.

School again tomorrow.. I'm excited for art school. I s'pose I can survive regular school, if it means seeing my friends again. Man it's been a long time.. well, not really. But close enough. Whatever.

I wanna go snowbaording again.. learn how to do it properly. I won't take another lesson, though, probably.. I don't want cutie to be ruined by some guy with a handlebar mustache that's put in rubber bands. Yeah, there was a guy like that where I went.. weird, right?

I just wish I could move without wincing... Ah well. Doogie Howser now. Yeah, more. Can't help it... nph is too adorable.


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I am so jelous. I can't even

I am so jelous. I can't even ski :( I have tried though.

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Hahahaha, I -hate0 skiing.

Hahahaha, I -hate0 skiing. I suck at it. so badly. Snowboarding is much more fun. xD

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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totalgeek hurt me in the heart! lol jk. im a major skier. i tried snowboarding and felt like my feet were trapped.

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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Haha, I have nothign against

Haha, I have nothign against skiiers. Just skiing. It hates me.. really. I dunno why. Just not my thing... at all. ><

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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Careful what you wish for, I

Careful what you wish for, I met Blackbelt at a trans conference and he swept me off my feet (and then some) and then he wasn't interested because he likes someone in CALIFORNIA. =P

There's so much truth to that though, it's like the moment I stopped looking I met someone. Right now I'm looking, which is why I can't find anyone. XD;

It's kind of boring to be not interested in anyone but it's also nice because you're not constantly going nuts because you haven't told the guy you like or he isn't interested or he gave you some ambiguous answer or because you don't know where anything is going. So enjoy it while it lasts. :P

Sounds like you had fun, which is good. (Way to state the obvious Riku) Hope your knee feels better soon.

And yes I still feel bad about the awkwardness. |D

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Yeahh, yeahh. I know. I

Yeahh, yeahh. I know. I can't help it though. ><

And I know. You think it's just somethign everybody says cuz that's the way it is in movies and all that... but it's so freaking true. Drives em crazy.. oO

Don't! It -definitely- wasn't your fault, and wasn't -completely- his fault either. I mean it sorta was, but it sorta wasn't. If you could understand that. xD

He kept trying to make an over 9000 reference too... but failed. Aha, oh well. Lol

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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Ahaha, yeah I know. Yeah,

Ahaha, yeah I know.

Yeah, well real life can be cheezy too. So there. :P

Well my family is just mad awkward anyway. |D; My dad and my sister aren't really but the rest of them are. >_>

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I also wish I could ski. I

I also wish I could ski. I know Chad can very well D: I need to get on board here and try skiing haha I'm outta the loop.
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