News for tonight..

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My sister fell on her tailbone and was convinced she broke it. I had to wake up my mum.. I can't decide whether to feel bad or laugh.. Jees. She fell on it hard..

I've also started watching doogie howser. Totally not because of neil patrick harris, either... not at all. Neeeeyoppee.


Sixteen. Much more... my age. xD


And somebody from oasis is subscribed to me on youtube, but she won't tell me who she is. Other than she's newish (a few months), biologically and mentally female, hasn't posted in a while, and isn't 20. *sigh*

I don't think I have any more news.. life during vacation is boring. It's great. Just enjoyin' the relaxin'. ^^

Maybe I'll go for a walk tomorrow.. I need to do that sometime. Yaknow, in the snow and all that. My sister can drive us. ^^

Well... if she can sit on her tail bone again. :P


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haha. im sorry. id laugh.

idk whether to say happy birthday or not. so happy being 16!!! i feel like 17...when i was younger i felt older...when i got to 16 i felt like a 5 or 6 year old and now i feel like 17. wierd. eh?

Life is easily complicated.

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Heh, sorry, I was talking

Heh, sorry, I was talking about neil patrick harris in doogie howser.. I'm still just 14. But gods I wish I was 16. x_X

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