Now I can say what I wanted!

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Alright, so I've been in quite a fabulous mood for the last few days! :D
I'm very, very excited because my two best girlfriends in the whole world (No, not dating girlfriends. Maybe I should put a space there? Nah. I'm lazy. Back to the journal) are coming over and spending the night! Yaaaaaay! They both seem very excited, just like me. Oh by the way, I sorta made a little thing for you guys on Deviantart :3

It's very cheesy, but it's for this silly contest. I've got a few other still pictures, but I wanted one animation at least.

Hehe. And a shout-out to my favorite website!

Well, you're up there. I don't pick singular favorites.



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Awwww its so sweet :D I

Awwww its so sweet :D

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thats sooooo cute, I totally faved it ^_^