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Hm... valentine's day is Saturday. Funny thing is, I never wouldda -really- thought about it on my own. Of course I have, just cuz everybody on here is mentioning it and I keep seeing commercials for thatmovie.

But I don't care.. not even remotely. I mean.. I know a lot of people say that but really actually hate valentine's day cuz they're single and whatever. But I don't -care-. *shrugs*

Umm... what else... OH, it amazes me that America calls itself a free country while I have friends that aren't even free to be who they really are.. how arrogant can a single country get? Hm.. I should write something about that. I can see it now.....

Otherwise I'm happier now though. I needed a day off before the vacation.. otherwise this week wouldda been interesting. But as it is I'm all good. Slightly frustrated, but that's not something that's gonna go away anytime soon, so..

Man dried roses are pretty..