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Today's my dad's birthday. He's been gone for a few hours, at somebody's house. Goodness knows what he's doing... on the plus side, I managed to wrap his presents. >>

I got new socks too. I really don't understand why guys aren't allowed to have cool socks... this has resulted in the fact that socks are the -one- female item I can stand buying. Cuz they ahve multicolored stripey funky socks. Guys don't... the most mismatched I can manage with guys socks is wearing one black toe with the rest white and one grey toe with the rest white... and that's just boring. oO

I also bought a shirt and two new pairs of boxers. I dunno why you needed to know that, but it felt good. Just like "I am man! Hear me rawr!!" 'cept not really, cuz I'm not manly. You get hte point though. xD

Teh boxers, btw, are pacman and justice league. It makes me happy knowing that my underwear have pacman on them. Is that creepy? >>

Now I'm just missing batman and superman... well, and then whatever other ones I see that I want.

I think I have an ear infection... but like, in the form of a sore inside my ear. It hurts to put in headphones... D:

Nyahhhhh, I'm ranting. Woo!

I'ma having mashed potatoe pizza tonight. Have you ever had that crap? It's dammmnneedd good. Seriously, if anybody ever ends up coming to visit me (yeah right), there are... three places Imma need to take them. The place that makes mashed potatoe pizza, the place that's famous across the country for its pizza, and a vegetarian indian restaurant. Best restaurant ever, that.

Okay I'll shaddup now. My boxers are still making me happy. xD


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Yup, me too, I have tons of

Yup, me too, I have tons of female socks. I love stripey socks. =D;

And it's not creepy to have pacman boxers. It'd be creepy if you had boxers with my face on them. Pacman boxers are not creepy.

Mashed potato pizza? Sounds obscure. And maybe I'll visit you once I stop being broke/carless/drivers-license-less and then we can go awesome places yeah?

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Haha, I meant more like is

Haha, I meant more like is it creepy that having pacman on my boxers makes me happy. xD

And you shouldd. So that you can have mashed potato pizza. xD
Well, and the best indian food I've ever had, but that's a different restaurant. >>

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

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Still, not really. Wearing

Still, not really. Wearing mismatched socks makes me happy. I'm sure pacman boxers would make me happy too, because then I could think to myself "I'm wearing Pacman boxers and I'm the only one who knows!" like it's some kind of big secret, all day.

What -is- mashed potato pizza exactly? Besides pizza with mashed potatoes on it, or is that exactly it?

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Hahahaha, fair enough.

Hahahaha, fair enough. xD

It's just pizza with mashed potatoes on it... but it's sooo good. Like it sounds crazy, but it's perfect. xD

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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. . . I may NEVER understand

. . . I may NEVER understand the craze with boxers... I prefer comando/boxer-breifs... and Under Armor...

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well my socks are boring, but i want a pair of puprle socks :D. i like oxers, they make me feel free, and when i think its uncomfortable to get horny in anything tight.

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What could possibly cause that?

Yeh...I like a little more freedom, but not for the same reason!