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I don't understand why she won't talk to me... Yeah, I tried to talk to my friend today, but she never answered, and it has been about four hours. I hope I haven't done anything to piss her off, though that's unlikely because I haven't talked to her in a loooong time due to her being grounded and all.

I hate it when she does this to me.

In other news, I totally forgot what initially led me to do a google search for "Swedish girls", but I think I've officially decided where I must live when I grow up. xP I mean, come on, just look at this. I think I'm going to go to Sweden specifically to meet that girl on the bottom right. Or the girl in the hat.

And then I had pancakes! ♥ Om nom nom. I wonder how IHOP gets their pancakes to be so cute and circular. The pancakes my dad made were... well, lumpy. Delicious, but lumpy.

...Holy shit, I got uber distracted. It's 9:45, and I still have to shower and finish my geometry homework! Oh, crap!



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haha, the guy behind the girl with the hat is kinda creepy...

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YES! Let's go get us some

YES! Let's go get us some Swedish girls! Haha!

I didn't even notice him! Yeah, he looks a little freaky...

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i love the girl in the hat

i love the girl in the hat ^.^
but the other ones... notsomuch. i'm not really into that stilletto-heels-uber-femme thing.

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Hat girl is my favorite

Hat girl is my favorite too.

Personally, I am very much into that, but that's just me. :p Variety is the spice of life!

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Hat girl is my favorite

CRAP! Double post ><

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right. well, thanks. just

right. well, thanks. just spent the last five minutes scrambling to put my eyeballs back in. well done.

On the other hand, I do wonder who the heck that dude is. And I also see shirtless males in the background who were probably looking when this picture was taken...

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... That's a good thing,

... That's a good thing, right? :p

Yes, tons of creeper dudes! They're lucky, though, getting to be there and all.

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Hot Sweedes!

Very hot. Anyway.

Yay pancakes!

Your journals are so deliciously random. lol.

"No inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate like cursing? No, inappropriate like fucking." - But I'm a Cheerleader :-)

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I know, right? :3 And yes,

I know, right? :3

And yes, yaaaay pancakes! I have officially decreed Irritating Girl insane because she hates pancakes.

My thought process is deliciously random. XD