Randomness! Woo!

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So I have a youtube channel... have I mentioned that before? I dunno, I do. Anywho, I've posted three videos.. well, four, but one randomly disappeared. And then this guy messaged me to say hi. He was really cool... he didn't know what it meant to be trans, but apparently I made him curious, and he started to look at other guys on youtube. And he's really curious about it.. but in a good way.. And.. I dunno, I guess that's the reason I started a youtube. It makes me happy. ^^

In other news.. I dunno, actually. Cute guy has been on and off facebook all day.. I've been staring at chat trying to get myself to im him all day.. but it's not happening, so whatever. And one of my friends just got accepted into college. I'm crazy excited for her. ^^

Although it's kinda depressing to think that I won't see her next year... or really about half of my friends. Seriously, why do so many of htem have to be leaving? :P

And uhh.. I know it's crazy early, but I think I'm actually gonna do NaNoWriMo this year. I have my story idea and everything.. now I need to figure out how to do research. That's not the sorta thing I'm good with. :P

I'll figure it out though, so..

That's all I have to say. Nothing interesting, mostly wanted to mention about the guy on my youtube channel. I found that cool. ^^


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sweet! I hope you saved

sweet! I hope you saved someone years of fustration and anger.

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