Should I ask?

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Today I got to see Maria. I finally ventured into my Comm class after avoiding it for a week or so. After I sat down at a computer she came over took the one right beside me. I'm so shy but eventually I looked over and said "Hi." Then we started talking and I'm pretty sure we we're pissing off a lot of the people in the class because it's supposed to be quiet; I'd be pissed too if I were them, but I just couldn't help it, I haven't got to talk to her in a while. It makes it difficult for me to shut up because I just want to talk to her and get to know her better.

Before I'm done this class I really want to ask her if she has Facebook, so we can keep in contact. But I'm soooo shy. Plus, I have a lot of doubts that she even has one. Last year she said she barely uses computers. Then again, who knows what "barely" is to her. But considering her situation and, well, her, I'm doubtful that she has Facebook. She's kinda old school and has a busy life with her family and all. I won't ask for a phone number, though. I'm not a phone person, and I dread the long awkward silences that are usually my fault cause I don't know what to say. :P That's why Facebook is so perfect! Sorta, anyways.

It's the truth.


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I would have asked if she had an email or facebook, to avoid those silences and make you feel more comfortable, I'm totally addicted to facebook lol

well best of luck in the future!

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Thanks for the luck :)

I will probably muster up the courage to ask her. It probably seems silly to fret over this, but she's a different kind of girl. :D

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