Should I be concerned?

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So something I noticed.

That's kind of been worrying me.

My hair's been falling out a lot.

On thursday, in fourth period I was running my fingers through my hair, and a good amount fell out. Now when I run my fingers along my scalp I can feel a sort of stubble all over for where it's fallen out. :/

I mean, they say it's caused by stress, right?

I don't feel stressed! In fact, this is the least amount of stress I've felt in a few months! Why is it falling out?! T_____T


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If there is a nurse at your

If there is a nurse at your school I would go see her first.

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There isn't :/ If a teacher thinks you're sick they send you to the office to call home.



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Ouch. I guess your only

Ouch. I guess your only option is to go see a doctor. :( Because that does not sound good. Webmd says it can be caused by stress and lack of protien and iron. I didn't read alot on it though, I just went to the over view.

I swear to the Lord, I still can't see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.
- Langston Hughes

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More protein and iron it is, then! [can't afford doctor]



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by good amount, do you mean

by good amount, do you mean like a handful, or several strands? because when we brush our hair, one of the things it does is brush out strands that have broken off. that's partially why dreads are what they are, because of all the hair still in there.

the stubble thing leads me to believe that it was quite a bit. if so, yeah, up your iron and protein intake. if it continues, try to find a free clinic or a doctor's office with a sliding pay scale (you pay what you can afford) because another reason for hair loss is lack of nutrition....

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I mean a handful or so. If it were less, I wouldn't be so bothered because it's pretty normal, but it just seemed like so much. :/



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you need to see a doctor

I have no understanding of how expensive a doctor visit would be for this, as I live in canada, but you do need to see one. There are many things that can cause that amount of hair loss and all of them by the time you are losing like a handfull of hair are fairly serious.

please be well (soon)

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I wish I could

but thanks. I'm sure it's probably isn't anything more than an iron/protein deficiency, it would make sense really.

Anyhow, if things don't improve in a week or so I'll definitely talk to mom about seeing a doctor.



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hey love you may have a

hey love you may have a thyroid problem. my mum had the same thing. she got a thyroid horomone suplement and she even started to loose weight, and her hair started to come back! So try to go see a doctor.

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Well yeah, but that was a long time ago. My head's fine now. It wasn't anything super-serious.