Slush, Snow, Idiots and Ginger Ale

RainbowStorm's picture

Yay, let's be happy that the snow is melting! Not! Sacrifice to the cloud bears!!!!!!!!!! Blood! Snow!!!!!! I'm sick. nO school for me! I also hung out with two idiots last night. My friend and his classmate. My friend, let's call him George was being a jerk. He always puts me down whenever he thinks someone might tease him for hanging out with me. Shut up, George! Who cares! We're friends!!!!! His classmate is nice sometimes, but same deal with the teasing. George was being a jerk cause he thought that his classmate, Fred, was going to tease him and Fred was being a jerk for the same reason. They're both idiots. I love ginger ale. I worship the cloud bears and pray for them to send us ginger ale snow. that would be wonderful.