Snow day..

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Figures that the one day that I actually felt like I had enough sleep we get not only a 2 hour delay, but a snow day. Man, the world's cruel sometimes... xD

I'm all excited, though, for this camp... like, really. I sent in the application and all that... now I want it to be time for me to go. Well... probably not until after I go to the thousand islands, come to think of it. Mannnnn... I want it to be summer nowww. Crap. >>

So, I dunno if any of you know what formspring is, but I have one now. I have a friend who's gay but not out and gets tons of derogatory crap (which he just answers politely but without -answering- them). I'm out as trans, and the worst I've gotten is something that I can't even tell if it's meant to be an insult or not... I have gotten a lot of random compliments though. >>

Switching houses. See ya. xD