soooooo :/

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so i wacthed nanooks vid on the fungus whatever that he put up yesterday (which i reall a sick sort of way) and i was wacthing some other BBC videos, and reading some comments (iknow,iknow reading youtube comments is a bad idea...) and i was you guys think that if another specias dosnt dirrectly benifit the human race, it gives us the right to hunt it down to extinction. yea i probley spelled that wrong.


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no, it doesn't...

I mean, seriously. Who are we to proclaim that another species doesn't benefit us? We don't know that. We can't. We're not omniscient.

And even if that other species really, truly doesn't benefit us... surely it benefits something.

OK, I heard something once about exterminating tsetse flies (the ones that carry sleeping sickness in Africa) — I think I spelled that right — because all they seem to do is carry disease. I doubt anyone would miss those for quite some time. But maybe eventually... who knows?

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