T_T im so clutzy

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haha, im so horrible XD ... DX in my physical education class we're working on badmitton. it's pretty fun with the flailing attempts to hit the birdie when it comes at you and how it can get so intense after a while. my partner (which i sorta have a crush on...) is awesome :D she doesnt care much if we win or lose or anything, she's more interested in having fun and enjoying the sport. anyways, someone from the team we were playing was throwing the birdie to us so we could serve, but i wasnt paying attention and too busy spacing out that i thought i was in the middle of a game so i flailed to get ready to hit the birdie when it came at me, buuut i failed to realize that my partner was right behind me...so i ended up smacking her in the face with my racket DX what was worse, after i heard that thunk, i started laughing, mostly at my clutzyness...but she started laughing too, so it made me feel a tad bit better. haha, she even hugged me to make me feel better, which i thought was strange but sweet :D meh, i still feel pretty bad about it T_T one of these days my clutzyness is gonna end up hurting someone even more than that D:

other than that, i think this guy (creepy kid that i'm pretty sure likes me) sorta beleived me when i told him where i was going and why XD me n my partner (my bio partner) were gonna run to the library to print out our project and him, being curious as to where i was going, i told him i was goin to the bathroom with my partner to make out for a bit before class started. haha, he just stopped walking and stared at me with the most surprised face ever XD so off me n my partner ran to and from the library and once we got back i saw him with his head in his arms on the desk, all sad looking. hopefully what i had said didnt upset him...oh well


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I just might be worse than you at badmitton. Some people, myself included, just aren't athletically coordinated. But I think your cute partner has the right idea, just have fun.

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Badminton... Is freakin'

Badminton... Is freakin' epic. I love it so much ;A;
I'm sorry about you hitting your partner! At least you got a hug ;D I think it was worth it, then XD

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i was thinking so too XD i saw her again today and i was thankful that i didnt bruise her :D