The answer to my prayers

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It comes in the form of a little flier slid onto my desk in Math class.

A really big Night Club here is The Loft. They're having a High School night.

I'm going. End of story.


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Fun? - There isn't a sharp

There isn't a sharp line dividing humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. It's a very wuzzie line...and it's getting wuzzier all the time. - Jane Goodall.

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Beyond fun.

I'm excited. Only three more hours.



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Enjoy love! Life is hard,

Enjoy love!

Life is hard, but immortality is harder... Jasper Eversor Force

"Memories are nice, but thats all they are, you know?" - Rikku-FFX

"No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew." - Lulu-FFX

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This will be a much-needed relief.