The beauty of a living thing...

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is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.- Carl Sagan

God I'm so addicted to this song. It's like... magical. You ever sit outside on a dark night... Away from lights? And stare into the sky? Do you see all those stars? All of those... could be suns for another planet, full of a life... Who could be looking at the same stars and wondering who's sitting out there staring at the sky too.

We are all... alone, and yet... The vastness of space... Must be filled with life. It's magical, truly, the amazingness of how complex everything around us is. We are floating in a black blob of empty, created of small things that are just puzzle pieces... And yet... Look around you and see how beautifully created everything is. It's perfect.

Stand... outisde, and hold a grain of sand... It's so small... And yet, there's atoms smaller than that within it. You, are standing on a planet, and are a speck on the planet... And then the black empty space shows that the Earth is a speck as well! The stars are even more massive... It never stops, the awesome mind-boggling power of reality. They say that reality is almost stranger than fiction... Well I say that is ALWAYS is. Because in fiction, everything can be explained.

In real life, all questions aren't answered. In fact, most aren't. I sit and ponder, and wonder why anything exists. In fact, if we weren't so advanced mentally, we would have lived and never known what was out there. But, haha, it's all really out there! We've seen past what we were supposed to see, what millions of years has kept hidden from anybody on Earth... AnyTHING...

And yet, we come from the stars. We are built from... things that are constantly moving around, constantly changing and getting replaced! Isn't it astonishing... How it's said that every seven years, your body is completely replaced.

And yet we continue to keep living... We are built of so many different pieces of the puzzle, so many different pieces that fit together... But life's just a puzzle we never get to solve, isn't it?

Ahh. Beautiful, beautiful life. I'm in the best mood ever. I believe it's because my dear Hedwig should be coming back soon :3

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

Oh, and SCREW Jonah, I've got the UNIVERSE all around me! Who needs him? Haha!