things that arnt necessary to know bout me, but interesting (i think)

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-i have a phobia of dead moths
-and lightbulbs
-and most dangerous things
-i want to see the movie 'the cove'
-i start to wach saw, then turn it off the second there isblodd
-i have had more ferrets in my pants then a player has had girls or a slut has had guys in their pants
-i want to not live in the u.s
-i hate citys
-i love fadora+ scarf combos :)
-i have two guys i really like on here (chad and wolfy), but am afraid if i say which one i like more, it will hurt the other
-i kiss my animals...
-if i could go to school in all rainbow clothing, i would


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Nice list; we should all do this

You wouldn't have liked to be at this barn I was at a couple of years ago. There was this huge dead moth, it was almost the size of, like, a small fold up cell phone. It was so disgusting and it creeped me out. I'm cringing at the thought of it right now. Ferrets, you aren't alone with the phobia of moths, I'm creeped out about them too, but mostly the live ones; especially if they fly anywhere near my face. I kinda freak out.

Andddd I also kiss my animals. They kiss me. My dogs are like my children :)

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I think they're interesting...

I don't really have a phobia of dead anything. Or really any animals.
I don't like scary movies.
I agree that I don't like the city, and sometime, I might want to move somewhere in Europe. Like Germany, which is my heritage, or maybe to Canada, as I can get a citizenship there because my mom was born there. European boys are hot :D
You can tell us whom you like more. I'm fine with it.
I LOVE rainbow clothing!

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I wish my school didn't have a uniform. i would wear a red shirt on monday Orange on Tuesday Yellow on Wednesday Green on Thursday And Purple on Friday. ( i would wear jeans everyday so that counts as blue) Yay for rainbows

Kiba-Kun 702

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I'm fine with it too. you

I'm fine with it too. you like me/chad more, sei la vie(such is life) and we move on. :)
I think Ireland or Scotland or Germany would be lovely, but I wanna live in LA and be famous/travel the world with a home in LA as home base for a break.
uuuh, I'm like SO punk/goth that I would need a LARGE dose of mah ashey to get more than my rainbow Kandi on.
I laugh at most scary movies
I have a discomfort(former phobia) of needles.
Oh I play with knives, fire, black magic, curses, dead things, wild animals, and I have thrill issues.

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I believe I'll do this list

I believe I'll do this list too. It seems cool.
and I kiss my animals too! :3 it's not so weird XD
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...

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I have been french kissed by

I have been french kissed by my dog. You think she is going to lick your face but she sticks her tounge right in your mouth. It has happend to everyone in my family.

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