Three Tips of the Day

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1. I'm cold
2. Lean forward
3. She's hot

Not my tips, ftr. The tips from my snowboard instructor. xD

Yeah, I tried snowboarding today. I think I'm already as good at that as I am at skiing... gods I hate skiing. ><

My instructor was cute. He kept talking about the last girl he had taught - self taught in three days, he didn't have to do anything, really. We ran into her on the lift, and just as she was being lifted away he goes "She's a cutie."

On the way up he was talking about how he had flirted with her and how he was disappointed that she didn't need more hands-on help. He was sure he would have taken it, but he didn't want to cross the line. He randomly said he was cold, and I had a problem with not leaning forward enough when snowboarding. And there came the three tips of the day.

I do hope that he got/gets her number. He was kinda cute. Kept staring at her lift seat thing like a lost puppy. And he was certainly attractive enough for her (he wasn't lying, either. She was pretty. Too bad I'mgay. :P)

But, in case you were missing the underlying message in all of this: I pass as a straight guy. Woo! I mean... I should probably try to be a little more gay if I ever want a boyfriend... nowait, I'm plenty gay once you get to know me. But that's not the point - to be pre-T and only out as trans for 4 months, to pass as a straight guy is pretty freaking awesome.

Snowboarding itself was fun too.. now if only I could move my knee. Stupid icy spots that are conveniently only in the places that I fell. x_X

Alright.. Imma go back to focusing on icing my knee. :P

See ya...and wish me luck in being able to walk tomorrow. :P


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*wishes you luck in being

*wishes you luck in being able to walk tomorrow*

And aww, I remember when that kind of thing was exciting. Today I was thinking about how the first time everyone just saw me as -male- it was so awesome, and now it's just normal. But that's good because I want it to be normal.

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Haha, yeah, to be seen as

Haha, yeah, to be seen as male is fairly normal for me.. but it never struck me as much as when this guy was acting like that with me. He was like... looking for me to agree or something. I was just laughing. xD

But.. I dunno. He was just acting the way that straight guys act around straight guys. It was fun. xDD

And thanks.

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That is awesome! :D I swear

That is awesome! :D

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Sounds like a lot of fun

Sounds like a lot of fun ^///^
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cawl :D

mos ppl who skiis/snowboards is hotties

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.