vegan is a sexual orientation

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Well, i'm pretty sure it isnt, but if it is, please tell me so i may apologize to my younger sister's friend. this girl (my sister's friend; she is extremely religous and a strict vegan, too) may be the scariest person i have ever met. ever o_o just now we had a strange conversation over what my sister had said earlier today. my sister said i should do what i say i am going to do instead of doing the complete opposite (in this case, going to town instead of being a lazy butt head and sleeping in 'til noon), so her friend agreed and liked that idea, too. then i told her that me going to town was a distraction from what i really was going to do (as far as she knows, i could have done anything, like burn random things or eat meat, but i just slept in). so this is what ended up happening:

crazy vegan girl: uh oh...i have never seen that side of you, should i be scared?
me:not many have seen that side of me because i keep it locked up and hidden. but now it's coming out, like most other things i've locked up for a bit. and yes, you should be.
crazy vegan girl: eh oh...wait, uh, I feel bad about thinking this, *hides face in shame*, um, since you've come out of the closet, are you letting other things more freely come out?
me: o_o ...? what do you mean....
crazy vegan girl: i dont know, it takes a certain amount of "i dont give a shit what you think/say" to come out of the closet, with anything, bi/lesbian/vegan (Im starting to think we have our own sexual orientation), so maybe thats part of the reason that you would be more comfortable coming out with what ever youve kept locked up and hidden?
me: -_- crazy vegan girl, how is vegan a sexual orientation...
crazy vegan girl: I am sexually attracted to those who care about animals.
me: ...

i actually kinda laughed at her, but i couldnt help it, i thought it was the funniest thing i had ever heard, but i told her that i thought vegan wasnt a sexual orientation (as far as i know) and that it just meant she is attracted to people that care about animals. i dont mean to be mean or offend vegans or religous people, and if i did, sorry... D:


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As a vegan, I do think it would be way hotter to date another vegan, but I think it falls more under common interest than anything else.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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<3 that made my day.

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LOL I swear to the Lord, I


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