was i the only kid (female lol) who was obsessed with pokemon?

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"Do you know....the Muffin man? O_o"

that whole part has got to be my favorite from Shrek :D

I remember just being fucking obsessed with pokemon, btw gens 1 and 2 were and are the only good ones :P. lol.

so gabriel (the little one) is watching Shrek again....or was. he saw me sit on the big brown rocking chair/couch thing with the laptop and asked me if he could get his laptop (or "compuder" lol) and sit on the couch thing too. that thing is effing loud and annoying, so i told him if he's gonna play with it to stay in his room. but now he's back cause he lost interest i guess *shrugs*
Mom and Gabriel (the big one aka my stepfather :P) are going to take Jacob to the emergency room again for the second time this month. the first time it was cause he was sick, coughing and everytime he breathed he would wheeze a little. this time its cause he's got a rash all over, might be an allergic reaction to the medicine. which im allergic to, Sulfa something....is it bad that i dont know what medication im allergic to? probably......lol.
You know whats funny? when you're looking at pictures and someone in the movie in the background says "ugh it's hideous!" XD.
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hahaha, i was overly obsessed with it too XD

aw, sadness :/ yes, it would be quite useful to know what you're allergic is called...haha hopefully jacob gets better :)

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Zomg I loved Pokémon!!

Madly in love with Mandi <3

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Personally, I was never

Personally, I was never really a huge fan of Pokemon, but at the very least my two best friends are huge fans, even to this day (in college, bother are girls). :O

I hope Jacob feels better. :<

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Haha, no, I was AND still am

Haha, no, I was AND still am XD
aww Shrek X3 cute!
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Oh god no, I was THE Pokemon

Oh god no, I was THE Pokemon Queen during generations 1 and 2. :) Now I can't even name half of them 'cause there's like 293874. I was excited to hear they're remaking generation 2 for the DS, though. Ahhh, nostalgia! I'll probably get it. LOL.

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OMFG YES. I only like GEN 1

I only like GEN 1 though. :)
i still play the gameboy color game.