We aren't talking about academics here! We're talking about SEX!

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Ahh. I love Valdez.

Chaddy, you'll know what I'm talking about XD

Anyways, I was particularily violent today (Probably because of my mom screaming and spitting in my face yesterday) and passing Jonah in the hallway, I rammed my shoulder into his chest.
He was all
"What the fuck is WRONG with you!?"

Well, well Jonah. What the fuck is wrong indeed.

Anyways, and I slapped this other dude in the face. He's a dick too.

Yaaaaay violence! :D

I might start learning to play French Horn. Anybody out there play it? I know it's really difficult apparently.

I feel so happy today, and yet... Yet violently angry. Whee! I'm in a "Yay I'm happy but I'mma not taking any bullshit right now" mood. Is that good?

I wanna run around and take pictures. Hmm. Gotta go. Talk to you later.