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I'm off to new hampshire tomorrow. Maybe I can convince my mum to stop so we can see Asher on the way back on sunday... that'd be awesome.

Problem is, this trip will totally eat up the last few days of vacation. Then where am I again? At school... I can't stand school anymore. It just somehow reminds me of everything that I can't be because I'm too young.. probably because it's so painfully obvious that I'm a freshman. I just want it to be doctor who time... that'll make it go quicker. And from there? My birthday... only one year until t by the time I reach my birthday. then summer break, hopefully this gay camp that Izy told me about.. that'd be awesome. I wanna go so badly now.. if they know I'm trans I'll still get to use the mens bathrooms and showers. That's freaking awesome. :P

I don't even... meh, whatever. I just want this freaking episode to be over so I can go to bed, bu tI can't abandon int he middle. Not when I can't watch the rest until sunday...


Alrighty... toodles.


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i'm the opposite

I want to go back to school but I feel like I'm too old to be anything I want to be lol, hope you get to go to the camp!

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There's also a camp for tans

There's also a camp for tans youth somewhere in the area. I can't go because I'm too old to go as youth and too young to be a consoler/volunteer. But you can, and I think you should. Mr.Blackbelt might be there too, technically he's too young to be a volunteer as well but he might be able to slip through, because at least he'll be 18 (you have to be 19) I'll still be 17.

Website --> http://www.camparanutiq.org/

Anyway, I dunno if you'll be able to read this before you leave, but have fun. :)