Wow... Cuz today didn't suck already..

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Well, let's start at the beginning.

Okay... lunch. I got my report card then, a day after everybody else. Dont'g et me wrong, I'm happy about my grades... heck, who woudln't be? I have a 4.0..

But nobody asked me about my grades. Everybody was asking everybody else, cuz my freinds are all like "Ohh, I wanna be smarter than you." but nobody gave a crap about my grades, and I had the best of all of them. I know it shouldn't matter, but I do enjoy a little bit of appreciation for my brains..

But whatever. I got home and was all cool.. my stepdad got home. He was depressed. That got my mum depressed. My stepbrother was depressed for whatever fricking reason.

Went for a walk, taht helped..

Now I just heard this huge weekend-long field trip in washington dc was cancelled.. after my sister went out there. by herself. Seh has no way of getting home now, no way of paying for a way home really... she's stuck there until sunday. Like... what the hell? Don't frickign cancel a field trip after somebody's already left... and spent a crapload of money on shoes for it.. oO

Just a generally depressing day, I guess..


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that sucks. on the upside, no one cuaght one fire or was consumed by ferretss

if your ever super sad, just rember, you could have been a blowjob.

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*cough* so what were your

so what were your grades? There, see, I asked ^^
and all the depressionnnnn
it sounds annoying D:
I'm sorry. At least you got to go take a walk! :3
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A 4.0?? I'm Soooooooo jealous. I'm BARELY pulling a 3.0. I'd KILL for your GPA. You're awesome!!! Keep up the fantastic work! It'll pay off!



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Hahaha, thanks. xD On the

Hahaha, thanks. xD

On the upside, my sister's boyfriend's school might be going down.. so she won't be alone.

On the downside, none of my friends get refunds and I now have one more thing to deal with.. but nevermind that one.

Damn, that upside just got canceled out.. Ahhhwell.. project runway, at least..

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