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Remember that girl that asked me out?

Or did I ever tell you abou thtat? Whatever. This girl asked me out about a week and a half ago. I said something non-commital and went to actually consider it. Mostly cuz I'm pretty sure she's bigender.

Now I'm amazed I ever considered it. She's arrogant as hell... says that everybody aroudn her is an idiot, when I jokingly say a hurt "thanks" she says nothing to deny anything, said directly to me tonight that every high schooler is an idiot except for her... Ohh, and when I pointed out that that's a horrible way to get someone to say yes she said that well, I seem like when I'm older I could be an interesting person. When I'm older? Haha, wow...

Then she told me that I'm a placeholder crush for our english teacher. Woops, I wasn't supposed to say that. Too fricking bad. If you're gonna be an arrogant bastard, I say things that you don't want said.

Beyond that, when I pointed out that she was arrogant as -hell-, and then apologized for saying that, she said she didn't give a crap anyways. When I said that there was a -lot- more I could say but I wouldn't cuz I already felt like she would be depressed only this time I couldn't help becaus eI was the one that caused it, she said "Ohhh, so you're more concerned about your nice-guy image than whether or not I'm actually hurt? And anyways, it's not like you hold that power over me."

Sorry, if somebody that I 'really liked' told me that I was an arrogant bastard I'd be a tad upset, soo.. I dunno, maybe I shouldn't make assumptions that you have emotions?

At that point I was just like "Holy crap. Screw this. Bye."

Does she -honestly- think that I'm ever going to say yes now? Ha!

I hate arrogant people. So. So. So much.

Screw trying to keep that friendship in shape.


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Maybe she will see the error

Maybe she will see the error in her ways after this.

I swear to the Lord, I still can't see, why Democracy means, everybody but me.
- Langston Hughes

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You know, it's not when people are arrogant that bugs me, it's when people are arrogant bitches that bugs me. :P

I know, you already told me about this, and I probably already told you this, but don't let it bug you too much. You've got bigger fish to fry and this is just one annoying person who is intentionally messing with you to get you angry. I mean, why else would she say to you that you're more concerned about some nice-guy image or anything like that? So yeah.