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My friend... I heard she's moving again... :( Now I don't have any hope of seeing her again. Fuck... Fuck! I mean, the town is an hour away, and she was already 30 minutes away, but it's still saddening. When she left, she said she may be back in eleventh grade, but now she can't! She can't... I hate my stupid fucking life. I don't care how angry fifth-grader that sounds. I don't actually mean it, but I just feel all gross now...

I passed my driving test thingy. Now I may drive as long as I have an adult aged 21 or over in the seat next to me. Yaaaay. :| I was soooo excited until like, 5 minutes ago.


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sorry to hear about your friend moving away :( hm, maaaybe you can drive yourself to her once you can drive on your own :D

try to cheer up, though

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She's re-moving away...

She's re-moving away... Like, for some reason I think that makes it worse. She already moved, and now she's apparently doing it again, and I just hate that. I would give anything to get her to come back. Anything. :(

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Sucks about your friend. She sounds really cool. Sometimes I find that being completely honest can be rewarding, but obviously that depends on how people will judge you, etc. I'm not from a very conservative area, so I wouldn't know. And obviously being straightforward is very very difficult.
I just personally find it preferable to dancing around issues on facebook, where everybody is hiding everything; nobody can say anything for real.

Also BBNiNi makes a good point; when you can drive places, things will probably improve a lot for you. Being under 16 sucks.

BTW I find your posts hilarious. Don't get yourself down, you're kinda brilliant.

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Yeah, she's really

Yeah, she's really awesome... But really I can't be completely honest with everyone. I am as honest as I can be with people, but a lot of people in this area just aren't so great, so there are... varying degrees of honesty, really.

Yes, being 15 is the worst. D: But thank goodness it won't last forever.

Thank you! I'm glad you find my posts entertaining. I love to entertain!