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I am too cowardly to say this in person, but I love you. I don't know how it happened, but along the way you stole my heart and please if you're not going to use it I want it back because I'm dying without you near me, you're like my life support without the annoying little "Beep-beep" of the heart monitor and everytime you touch me it's like you're my doctor revving up the electric charge things that they hold together and yell "CLEAR!" before they try to jump-start your heart, because it really does make my heart skip a beat...

Not much else to say lately.


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that's beautiful. *hug*

that's beautiful. *hug*

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I Pray That...

...the very fantastic intended recipient doesn't allow this message to lie unopened.

You've eloquently stated emotions that are so much the bane of humanity: Why are we so fearful (cowardly) when it comes to expressing our longings?

Why don't you ask our resident nascent philosopher to address this subject?

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its just natural to be shy. i realize when im not shy, then i really dont have emotions for that person. so this is actually a good sign. heres a hug for good luck. *HUG*
a psychotic pencilist, moe