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So, my dad has decided (without ever talking to me about it), that we won't have to deal with the whole hormones thign for another few years. Since when is that his decision? I know I'm only 14 and all that (almost 15, thankyou), but I freaking -need- this so badly. for six months I was told that I'd ahve to wait until I was 16, and I was miserable. I was then told that this might come soon, and I was happier then than I had been since... well, too long. ><

And then my mum says somethign along the lines of "The way I figure it, even if this endo does decide to do this, it'll take about a year anyways, and I'll probably be ready for you to start hormones by then."

Flehh. I was miserable last night, and not -much- better this morning. Lunch was better, cuz my friend who I haven't seen in forever sat with us, and then I didn't have art school today. Don't get me wrong, I love that place like crazy, but two and ahalf extra hours in the day? So. Freaking. Great. ^^

I'm still upset though. I dunno, maybe if this gets rolling they'll realize how much I need it.. and I mean, they can't say no if the doctor sets up a prescription appointment, can they? Meh..


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It's rather terrible when

It's rather terrible when parents make decisions without their children, particularly when they're so important to the childs health and well-being.

Can't do much more than offer my undying support and an ear if you need one.

Also internet hugs, I can do that...

It'll be okay, you'll pull through, you can do it!

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i have decided that your perants are being foolish. i would destroy them, but i do think even when your pissed, seeing them consumed by ferrets would be rather tramatic to you

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Heh, thanks. A bunch. I do

Heh, thanks. A bunch.

I do hafta say though, althoguh theyr'e beign foolish, I'd rather not them consumed by ferrets... er, at least my mum. >>

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