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Here I am, walking down this road
and baby, I dunno where it goes.

The road keeps on winding out of sight
And the sun keeps on burning way too bright

But it's gotta go to somewhere better than here
Anywhere is better than here...

Inch by inch, and mile by mile
This trip is taking quite a while

And the stress may be breaking my back;
But there's no way I'm going back

I've got to keep moving, must keep on
To discover the place where I must belong

And even if you say it's right here...
I'm almost positive it's nowhere near

I like poems. Hi.

I'll be leaving tomorrow at 2. For my sister's house.
THEN TUESDAY at 6 or 7 we're leaving for Montanaaaaaaa~~~


Happy Shelby for some reason. I actually was sorta sick today :/ Not fun. It is currentlyyyyy nine forty eight and I had to scrounge up a poor meal for dinner: A pickle, a hefty slice of cheddar cheese, and a hot dog. Reminds me of being a little kid O.o

Rawrrr... That's what I get considering my parents just "forgot" to make dinner tonight.


I made my own lunch, too. Beef and green onion noodles (Leftover combinations... I had some thinly sliced skirt steak left so I just sliced it into strips and threw it in my soup) with this delicious dessert sort of thing

I took a pan, melted butter and cinnamon in it and then put in apple slices
After the apples were coated, I added a vanilla syrup to it and a bit of honey and some craisins (dried cranberries for those who dunno what they are)

I let it simmer until the apples got soft.

AHMYGOD it was like AMAZING <3

I like cooking. Can you tell? Anyways, I'm looking for volunteering services around me... But there's nothing really good :/ Rawr. It's not cool. I wanna help sexually abused kids! Or dying people! Or family planning services! D:

Or stuff like that, but I'm too young :/


I'm addicted to "Michelle" by the Beatles. Cuz the French makes me think of C... XD

I'm off to go play Heartgold and possibly Borderlands! Talk to ya homies laters.


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Interesting Subject, Shelby!

Ever-efficient Google gives it two nods!

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...Huh? - You're twisted and

You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Was just curious...

...if a Google search on your "subject" would show anything :)

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Oh! That's what you meant!

Oh! That's what you meant! Sorry, I guess I'm a little out of it today XD I'm not sure, I was just sorta browsing...

Thanks for the suggestion :3
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.