3 Years 14 Weeks - "Last of All Last Words Spoken is Goodbye." -Walter De La Mare

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My darling children,

I am deeply saddened to announce that I am leaving Oasis permanently, effective now. I wish I could explain why, but I can't. They are too complicated, and very very personal and painful.

I hope that none of you will think this is because I don't love you. I will miss you all fiercely. Some of you I know very well, some kinda well, some hardly at all. But please believe that I love each and every one of you like my own kids. Every time you have hurt, I have hurt with you, and I will always continue to think about you, and worry about you, and hope that you each find happiness, love and success, in whatever way you choose to measure success.

I wish I had some deep, parting words of wisdom for you, but right now, my wisdom Qi has run dry. Hopefully my creativity Qi is still flowing, for I am nearly finished with Numen's Trust. I also started writing the article on China, so I will finish that once the book is done, and send it to Jeff to post. If possible, I will write some others.

I know that you all love me, and I want to thank you for always giving it to me so freely. It has gotten me through so many rough times - my suicide attempt last year, the loss of Jon, then Raja, and other crises and tragedies that have occurred in my life. At times, having all of your sweet and loving comments or posts was literally the only thing I had to hold onto. I will never forget those times. I will never forget you, my beautiful, darling kids.

Take care of one another. Give each other unconditional love and support, just like you've always given to me, and as I've always tried my best to give to you. Don't be too mean to Jeff. He doesn't know any better, and after all, he did start this wonderful, healing, loving place where all you little angst-ridden homo teens can come, share your lives, vent your frustrations, beg for quick advice before you call that cute boy or girl you're about to ask out. Keep reading and heeding the advice of the elders who remain. They also love you very much, and will always do their best to steer you down the right roads. If nothing else, they will listen to you without judging you, and offer you warm hugs. Just keep an eye on where Jeff's hands wind up. ;)

I hope all you writers will keep on writing, and will keep your eyes on my publishing company, YoungOffendersMedia.com. I will be expecting to see names across my desk soon with your accompanying Oasis name underneath. Not saying I'll publish them all, but I can promise they'll be moved higher up in my inbox. :D

Well guys, it's time. Think of me, as I will always think of you. Remember me, as I will always remember you. Love me, as I will always love you. Even more importantly, love yourselves, for that is the first step in being able to truly love others.

Goodbye, my sweet children. You have forever changed my life for the better. Now go out there and change the world.

My love, respect, admiration, and the fondest wish that good things will always come your way.

I shall miss you, always & forever, darlings. :'-(
Your Pat


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I'm always skeptical when people leave, since many of them return. But in any event, good luck with the writing, and hopefully you're making a move that will help you find what you're looking for...

And as soon as you write a non-fantasy, non-poetry book, I'll read it. ;-)

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Pat left once before, remember? It lasted about two days. He missed us too much to stay away. :-)

If this time really is for good though... Pat, I'm pretty quiet here, so I'm not sure I'm one of the "kids" you'll remember when you think of Oasis. But if you happen to ghost in and read this, thank you for everything you've done here. We love you too, immensely, and we'll miss you.

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Thanks for having been here

To intruduce me to the fact that Orphan's Quest existed. I never would have known, and never would have been introduced to the world of Firma.
You also have the right to change your mind.

Your Virtual Fag Hag!!!!!!!!

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*hugs* pat mah dear.

you have left a largeimpression on this young ferrets, and assuming you dont return, i will miss you fiercley. i will also respect you fiercley, as i cannot imagine ow hard it would be for me to leave oasis.
im sorry for smashing up all that correct spelling.

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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we'll still be facebook

we'll still be facebook friends....right? you know, for the four seconds you're usually on there.

in any case, it's your decision and i respect it deeply. i remember when you first came on oasis, i was a little skeptical that this older dude was lurking on what was a site for teens, but as i got to know you through your journals and personal communication, i came to realize that you were exactly what oasis needed. you were a father, an older brother, a friend, a confidant, a mentor and so much more, not just to me, but to everyone. your wit and warm humor kept us all smiling through the bad times and your love and affection even in your darkest hour brought us closer and helped us help you. i've never spoken to you face to face, i don't even know what your voice sounds like, but as the years have passed, you've created a permanent impression on my life, pat. we may not talk much, but you've taken up eternal residence in my heart and i'll always be grateful for everything you've given me.


I wish you luck, prosperity, and love in whatever you accomplish. And yes, you will be seeing my name on a manuscript cross your desk at Young Offenders one day, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

so for those of you falling in love
keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right
throw yourself in the midst of danger
and keep one eye open at night.
--"Elephants" Rachel Yamagata

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Best of luck. We haven't had

Best of luck. We haven't had many interactions on here. But your input into kids lives here has been fairly important. Best of luck in anything you undertake in your life Pat. xx

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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I will miss you...

I wish we could have gotten to know each other better. Too bad, I suppose... But... I love you, Pat. You mean just as much to me as you do to anybody on this website. Even if I don't know you well.

I'm not going to cry and beg you to stay- Although your post made me tear up quite a bit...
I trust you. I hope that maybe someday you'll come back, either to check up on us, or... Or whatever.

But for now, goodbye, Pat.<3

With love,
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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hi. dont know me all that well :P. but i just wanted to wish you luck, and i hope everything goes well.
bye pat :[

"chhhhhikinnnn stewwww. i have no idea what is wrong with me O_O im sorry if i offend....not really."

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I've kind of always gotten the feeling that I came on this site as you where on your way out. But despite this, you have always been unnecessarily kind and supportive.
I do not really understand you or why you are leaving, but I really want to thank you. You've been quite awesome.

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This time, guys...

He's leaving. And not for two days.

Sorry, guys, but... :-/

Insider information, I guess. He's not coming back, not for a while anyways. Internal conflict, sorta?

Well, I can't tell you why. I'll definitely give him your love, even though he's gotten much of it already.

Happy camping.


I love you.

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I regret that I have not

I regret that I have not seen this until now. I will miss you quite a lot, Pat. I really do love you. Especially how you've gotten me through a lot--albeit, now nearly 1.5 years ago (I dont get how this time has flown by).


good luck with all of your endeavors.