7-year-olds are the nastiest gum-chewers ever. EVER.

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Last night was so weird. I'll get to it in a minute.

My grandparents from my mom's side are here. Thank goodness they haven't asked the dreaded "do you have a boyfriend" question yet. I. Hate. Being. Asked. That. My uncle asked me that a few months ago, and I was like, "NO. WHY would I have one?"

But my friend really is going to that town an hour away. ;__; It was her facebook status. Now she really, 100%, for sure, can't ever come back. Fuck... The only thing that got me through this year was the hope that she would be back soon, and now she won't. None of my friends will ever be back, not even her, so I will be at school with people I don't like forever. Well, for three years. But whatever. I don't know how I will become motivated now.

So, anyway, last night. Yeah. First thing that girl said to me is, "HI I'M [THAT GUY'S SISTER] DO YOU KNOW MY BROTHER?!?"

Me: Oh, yeah, he's... [That Guy]...
Girl: Yeah, your mom said you're friends with his girlfriend!
Me: Y-yeah... I am.

Everything became awkward 5 seconds after meeting this chick. Wow. She probably thinks I'm weird because of how horribly quiet and awkward I am when I first meet people. XD She does seem really sweet, though, despite my hatred of her stupid brother. She talked a lot about him, but it was okay because she made him sound kind of like a jerk-ass. But then she started talking about his relationship with his girlfriend, aka the most amazing girl ever. :( And my mom, despite knowing the entire situation, did nothing to help change the subject. In fact, she made it worse by asking questions.

I got some information, though. Apparently this guy is ALMOST EIGHTEEN. What the hell? Dude, I thought he was like, sixteen! My friend just turned fifteen not even a whole month ago! And also, he goes and sees her every weekend. Then she stated the obvious by saying that my friend is really cute.

My mom also apparently thinks I am completely and totally stupid. This morning, about three minutes after I woke up, she gave me a gigantic lecture on how I am never, ever, ever, EVER to say to the girl how I feel about her brother's girlfriend. Now, Mom, I might be struggling in math, but I'm not stupid! I do have a wonderful thing called common sense! >:C


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that "do you have a boyfriend/is he your boyfriend?" question is the most annoying thing ever. hm, so, what about the 7 year olds? haha

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I know. I hate it. >:C Oh,

I know. I hate it. >:C

Oh, my sister was chewing gum and trying to blow a bubble, and she ended up drooling all over her chin. It was nasty.

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ew....yet kinda cute...but still, ew...

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Haha, don't mothers suck

Haha, don't mothers suck like that? My friend has a midget cousin and I told my mom that and she was like "OMG YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT TO HER DID YOU?" and I was all sarcastic like "Yeah, mom, I saw her and just SCREAMED "oh shit it's a midget!"."
They think we have like, no manners or something XD

And about the title, how d'ya know? O.o;;
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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My mom is EXTREMELY paranoid

My mom is EXTREMELY paranoid to the point of complete and utter ridiculousness about this for some reason. She expects us to become friends, but during her lecture this morning she said never to even mention my personal life to her. She pretty much told me that if I am ever alone with the girl, I cannot accept alcohol from her not only because I'm underage, but also mainly because I may become drunk and lose my guard and say I love her brother's girlfriend.

She is like really, really, really fearful of this. :S It makes me wonder if perhaps a similar thing happened to her back in the day.

Haha, I can totally see my mom at age 15, dressed in the crazy fashions of the mid-80s and getting totally wasted with some older chick that she met through her mother and then going into a huge rant about her feelings for someone that would make everything awkward. Oh, mom. XD

I know this because my sister is 7. My sister got a piece of gum today, attempted to blow a bubble, and ended up spitting EVERYWHERE. D:

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Haha, you should ask your

Haha, you should ask your mom then. It should make a very interesting convo XD

Aww D: Little sister? How cute! Besides, ya know, the messy part :x
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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I will if it ever comes up

I will if it ever comes up again, which it undoubtedly will. XD

No, NOT cute. D: She is an evil little girl who always hits me. And she's pretty big for her age, so it actually hurts. A lot.

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Just be like "Hey. Girlie.

Just be like
"Hey. Girlie. Don't hit me or I'll smack you."
*hits you again*

then you just fake a jab at her face. She'll probably scream. Haha.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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She'd probably cry and run

She'd probably cry and run off to tell mommyyyyy. Tonight, she cried and threatened to tattle because I told her I was secretly a 415 year old alien. Then she hit me, and it freaking hurt! D: I told her I'd mess her up if she did that again, and she said, "I'LL TELL MOMMMMYYYY!"

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O__O Wtf? Why don't YOU

Wtf? Why don't YOU threaten to tell "mommy" then? Little kids freak out about that...

...But hey, if you're secretly a four hundred and fifteen year old alien then you need to take me to space with you >:D We can fly around and open up a lemonade stand on the moon.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.