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90210 kinda sorta started the lesbian relationship that's been over hyped the past few months. Well, they started their friendship, anyways. They really didn't get enough screen time in that episode, though. I get that it's an ensemble show, but, dude, they got what 5 minutes total throughout that entire episode? Not nearly enough time considering the amount that every other character and couple gets. Mandy Musgrave was also in the episode, but only in the background for one scene and she didn't even have any lines, so that was a little disappointing. I just hope that Adrianna & Gia get some more screen time next episode, so we actually get to see them transition from being friends to being in love. But I'm really not getting my hopes up because 90210 basically blows as a whole show, so I can't imagine this turning out to be any good. But you never know...

Also I just wanted to say that I sooooo wanted to be in Gia's position tonight because Adrianna is so pretty and likable now. She started out so messed up in season one and now she's turned her life around and she's clean and sober. Not that's going to last forever, but still she's massively sweet. When she went and sat in Gia's lap, I was like, "Umm...can that be me?" hah.


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...not enough lesbian...

im not sure if this is wat ur talking about, but tv doesn't show enough gay love. Well, NBC's series "Heroes" has an "apparent" lesbian couple. they kiss once, but the show never fully address their relationship. yet they show sex scenes endlessly for the hetero characters. i hate it!! where do we come in?!!
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