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Hahaha, I really got my rival good today. She freaked out! Oh, my god, it was hilarious. She was saying a bunch of anti-gay slurs, and one of her friends threw a candy wrapper at me. I caught the wrapper, licked it, and pasted it onto my rival's arm. I have never seen someone throw such a huge fit in my entire life. It was fantastic.

However, not everything was fantastic today. We have to do this research paper for English. Originally, it didn't seem so bad since you could pick whatever you wanted. Some topics the teacher suggested were Vikings, Greek mythology, The Black Death, The French Revolution... You know, cool shit. But then she decided that we could only pick topics about people and things from our crappy little state, which SUCKS because no one gives a slimy pink shit about this place. >:C There weren't even any ninjas here! How can we be cool without ninjas? The only thing even remotely interesting was the whole Civil War thing, but for some reason none of that was in the list of topics to choose from, which is BULLSHIT!

And the librarian pisses me off. She talks to us like we're drooling imbeciles and feels the need to explain (in great detail) things we've known for years. UM, I KNOW HOW TO FIND BOOKS, THANKS.

In other news, today I daydreamed/slept a little all through geometry class because I had been bored to tears in the class before it and was half-asleep. I came to the conclusion there that I must learn some Swedish (all I know is "hej"), so I can go to Sweden and party with all the hot chicks. That's pretty high up on my list of things I must do before I die. Dude, I wonder where I could find some... Besides, you know, Sweden. Anyway, I then I decided I wanted a corn dog and some potatoes, but sadly I was unable to get either. Wow, I have such a weird mind. How exactly does one go from thinking about partying with some hot girls to thinking about food?

Anyway, it's my friend's birthday in a few days. Ugh, it has been so long since I've seen her. I hope she's doing well. Last time I tried to talk to her, she never answered, but then I heard she got into a fight with her stupid boyfriend that day, so... yeah. I wonder when I'll see her again. :(


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my my, such a vicous nations, the svedes.

"gentlemen of france, care to fire first?"-british artilery general, 1772
"we always have been, are, and i hope always will be, detested in france"-duke welington of britan

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I LOVE THEM. I am going to


I am going to go there and get 6 Swedish girlfriends.

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Not anymore, especially

Not anymore, especially considering that it ranks number one on the democracy index.

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I love most of Europe. Me

I love most of Europe. Me and my friend are planning to go overseas when we're in university and pick up like... a lot of girls. Yeah.

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Oh my god, it would be so

Oh my god, it would be so awesome to do something like that! x3 I love Europe! I simply MUST go there one day. Hopefully I can get a few friends to come along and party with me. Haha.

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oh man.

there is absolutely postively no way ur paper can be cool without ninjas.

Life is easily complicated.

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I know, right? :(

I know, right? :(

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You love Sweden too?! I

You love Sweden too?!
I thought I was the only one that had the obsession! I mean, they have the Pirate Bay, ABBA, Volvo, Saab and a plethora of amazingly attractive individuals (both male and female)! What's not to love?!

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Yes, they have so much great stuff! Catchy music, a cool language, hot people... Best country ever!

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Super Duck, you should do a

Super Duck, you should do a paper about yourself.

Automatic A.
Always hold your head up high
If you don't, you'll never see the face of your killer.

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That would be the most epic

That would be the most epic paper in the history of all papers.

"In 1994, a wild Super Duck appeared! After feeding on root beer and pancakes, she grew into the awesomely awesome individual she is today. Some people were lame and didn't like her, so she atomic-bombed them into oblivion! Then she had a party in Sweden with all her Oasis buddies and a bunch of really hot girls. And then she took over the world and became Supreme Ultimate Ruler. OBEY, INFERIORS!"

Teacher: I... I am so blown away by this.... A++++!

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Hey don't forget...

Hammerfall are Swedish. Also ABBA!!!! XD And Sweden in general.

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Sweden in general =

Sweden in general = amazingness!