A couple of dreams

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I had a dream last night where these two guys were trying to get into our house. It was scary! Eventually they did and one guy had a gun, so I threw something at his hand and knocked it out. Then I ran, grabbed the gun, and shot both of them, killing them. It was out of like an action movie or something. It kinda cool, but it had this seedy creepy undertone to it.

The night before that I had a dream where I was at my sister's house with my oldest nephew (who's only a few years younger than me) and I'm just kinda sneaking around the house at night, and I can't remember what I did, but I had to run upstairs and into my bed because my sister's (separated) husband was coming up the stairs fast and angry. So, I jump in and I'm pretending to be asleep. When he gets to my room he's pissed and he's saying all this stuff in kind of a threatening way, like, "I know you're awake, you do a piss poor acting job." He kind of snarls and then decides to leave the room. I'm obviously scared. Then I hear my sister and him fighting, so this feeling comes over me that I should get the hell out of there.

Just then I hear my nephew in the hallway and I quietly run across the hall to his room and push his door open and whisper, "wanna get outta here?" and he nods his head. So, we silently walk to my room where I just sorta rush him out the bedroom window. It was so scary, I don't even know why, it was just this feeling throughout the whole dream that had me certain that something bad was going to happen to us. And so I threw a hoodie at him and I didn't even bother getting shoes for us because I thought we had to run like hell because they were going to figure out what we were doing. So, we jumped out my window and just then I regretted not getting shoes! Haha. The dream didn't last much longer than that. We just sorta ran and tried to find somewhere to go.

I'd like very much to have a good dream tonight. Those were both really bad feeling dreams. I can't really describe what I felt in them; it was just bad :/ I always wonder if other people's dreams are like mine. Are they full of feelings like mine? Cause all mine feel like thye are built primarily on feelings. I can feel scared, sad, happy, in love, sad, terrified, ect. Do other people get really strong emotions from there dreams too?


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I love awesome epic dreams.

I love awesome epic dreams. And yeah, I can get really worked up emotionally from dreams, feeling anger, fear, etc. so that's at least one more person whose dreams are full of feelings.

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Aww, dreams are scary

Aww, dreams are scary sometimes! I'm sorry :C
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