Actually, not a shitty monday :)

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Surprisingly, was NOT a shitty monday. :)

usually when the week begins (a monday lol) doesn't start off good. but today was actually...a good day.
i was happy the whole day and in a very good mood!


dinner last night :)

so...a few coworkers decided to make a surprise dinner for another coworker @ the Old Spaghetti Factory and i decided to bring along my friend/crush.
i thought it might be awkward 'cause we've actually haven't done anything together besides just meet up and talk, so it was nice to just do something different.

the dinner actually went pretty well.
i felt a strong pull to just either hold her hand or kiss her but i don't have the right to.
like, we've gotten closer. (distance-wise lol)
and while walking back to her car after dinner...our hands bumped and idk why but it felt like instinct to just reach out and grab her hand.
but i kinda panicked and held back from doing so. wanted to just...kiss her.
i've been having the urge to...since after we started hanging out more.
but i can't.

i kinda distanced myself in the car before she dropped me off at my car and just beelined out and into my car ><
i knew that if i didn't leave quickly...
...i would've done something.
and idk if it would've been good or bad.

but it was a good night tho.
i liked spending time with her.
i always like spending time with her even if its just hanging out.
idk what it is but i like being around her and how she makes me feel.
i haven't had this feeling in a LONG LONG time.
and it's making me crazy.

it doesn't help that...i ended up telling her what was bugging me and what i wanted to do...and finding out that the feelings are mutual.
it made me all happy.
just to know that she felt the same...just made it easier for me to figure out my feelings even more.

idk what to do tho.
i was in such a good mood today.
nothing really bothered me today...and thats kinda rare lol.
usually something...or someone at work makes me a little irked,
but today was just...nothing lol.

idk what to do.
i haven't txted her at all today and i'm not planning to yet.
i'm just....thinking.
and relaxing.



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first congrats on the mutual feelings and the good monday. secondly, i think taking it slow is a good thing. create a romantic moment and then lean in for the kiss, if she leans in too that is great, if not then act like you dropped your napkin or something silly like that, conceal the embarassment and keep your head up, because chances are if she feels the same then she wants to kiss you too. you just have to find time to do it in.

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

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thanks :) yeah that sounds

thanks :)
yeah that sounds like a good way to do it!!!!
we'll see :))

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