Audrey Hepburn

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is really really pretty O.O
watched "The Children's Hour"
terribly sad at the end...:(
poor Martha...she just couldn't handle it anymore...
i sugest you watch it...
the entire movie is on youtube...
i was so pissed at mary...wanted to slap her so badly...the bitch...

btw...didja'll know that drew berrymore was bi? O.O
i certainly didn't know...


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The Children's Hour

I watched that movie for the first time last year with my mom. My mom loves it now, even with the gay content. It's so sad, though. I was really hoping they weren't going to do that with her character, but they did. I was like, "No!!! Martha, you didn't need to do that! You could've just ran away with Karen!!!!" I did like how Karen left on her own after, though, didn't you? Like, she didn't go running into to the arms of her former boyfriend afterwards.

It's a such good movie.

And I've known Drew was bi for a while. Awesome, isn't it? I just wish she'd publicly date a girl. I don't know why; I just do :D

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i hated that...but loved that she stood her ground....
and i was sorta hoping that maybe perhaps something
really would happen between martha and karen...
and i can't get over how beautiful audrey hepburn is ><

i kinda want her to publicly date a girl too...maybe it's just the
queerness in us that wants a little something queer to go on in
another fellow queer's life :p lol...queer is such a queer(weird) word :]

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hah, yeah, i've always known

hah, yeah, i've always known Drew was queer in some way :P
she plays gay in everybody's fine, but they never flat out say it.
and have you seen the googly eyes she makes at Ellen Page???... there's seriously something going on between them.

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so ellen page too? i mean, we've all seen those photos of ellen and drew...kissing...and...oh my god...>< gaaaaaaaaaaah......just wowzers.....grawr....

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)