been a while,eh?

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So....what's been up w/Ash since last posting? Well qute a lot actually:).....the bus system here is actually pretty cool and a lot of ppl use it for going to RVC so that's a 'it's not just me' kind of thing and that's good and I like that I can use it to go to the mall/3-4 blocks from the movies? haven't tried that yet...had a couple snowy days while going to school but nothing too bad hehe and now it's spring and soon summer...classes have been cool except a couple days in Design 2 and I just like my other classes a little more for most of the start-now in the semester but now D2 isn't soo bad...grades have been good(- D2 not knowing yet what midterm grade is but hey, it's not the final grade),my friend Sam kind of doesn't like certain things either in the class and for my 1st test for CHI I got a B and my other assignments(2 so far) have gotten full pts. and another assignment is due week? I also got a B for a quiz for Art History and have another quiz on the 27th following my test 2 for CHI on the 25th. CT has been good,getting an A so far and working on an assignment for it during Spring Break which is right now and almost done w/...

My friend Jen has joined the GSA which I'm a part of/go to meetings and maybe I'll see her/meet her next week at a meeting? dk..I have since met my other friend and might meet her on Sat. and Monday as she wants to do both and the Monday thing might become a reg. thing..