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My rival is the most hilarious person on the planet now. According to her, I am "gayer than the average bear." (Yogi Bear reference! :D) She says that because I am so astonishingly homosexual, I should "just go get a picnic basket full of Swedish lesbians." (Continuing with the Yogi Bear theme, I suppose, and the Sweden obsession.)

I'm... confused. Was she trying to insult me? Um, that was SO not an insult! Oh my god! Is she crazy? That's actually the least insulting thing anyone has ever said to me!

I've felt kind of bad today. My friend's little facebook survey things always depress the hell out of me. Some of the things she says in them really make me worry about her, and I hate the way she talks about herself. I hate it when she says she's not a good person or that she's not as pretty as someone else or anything along those lines. I wish she'd stop... I can't speak for everybody else, but I think she's great just the way she is. How can she think so little of herself? I've always known her to be a total sweetheart, and I don't know where she's getting this "I'll never be as pretty as ___" crap because she's stunningly beautiful. I wonder if anyone has been giving her a hard time lately. If so, then they'd better fuck off. >:C

Now she is talking about some other town. Ugh, what if she moves again? The one she's talking about is only like an hour away, but still... I just wish she'd come back. I know she more than likely won't, but I just wish she would. I miss hugging her, and talking with her about music only we like, and drooling over her epic gorgeousness...

Oh, and she also talks about her boyfriend in those things. I hate hearing about him. Ever since I found out about him, it seems like he's everywhere at school. Oh, look, she just said she loves him. Great. The universe is fucked. Excuse me while I go and vomit.

Anyway, I'm off to do something... productive. I have no idea what that might be, though.


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okay, I know its totaly

okay, I know its totaly random, but how would Lezzies do "That"??? I mean would you get a vibrator, or a strap on or sumthin?

I appologize, but my curiosity has gotten the better of me...

Its my story, and I will write it out the way I want it to be, or I will find a way to re-write it. - Me

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Well, yes, but there are

Well, yes, but there are also some wonderful things called fingers and tongues... XD

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"Gayer than the average

"Gayer than the average bear," huh? I actually really like that... :-)

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Me too! Haha!

Me too! Haha!

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That's amazing what she said to you. Who knows if she was trying to make it an insult, but if someone said that to me I would burst out laughing. :) That is... well, simply amazing.

As about your friend, I wish I knew what I could tell you.

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I know, she comes up with

I know, she comes up with the best "insults"! x3