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So much reading.

I was at the university until 9pm. I've caught up with the law reading. And the philosophy reading. I really dislike Bentham's utilitarianism. I think I know what to write for my assignment now. It might seem absurd for someone to reject the principle of utility, but I think what I see from such a clever disguise is the tyrannical rule of the majority. I have chapters to plow through for my politics lecture... I'm not going to bore you with my 'epiphany', analysis, or any sentimentialism. I'm passed that. I just recount things in simple terms now. I don't have time for that anyway. And don't even mention english. I have like three novels I have to read by the end of this week.

Despite all the reading and work, I had a pretty awesome day. I saw one of my used-to-be-best-friends at university. We sort of just stopped talking last year because she's a year older than me - but we're reunited! I missed her so much! She's like the best singer ever (you have no idea - she performs like for a proper theatre company), she's the most pretty thing ever, and she's so lovely. She went with me to the Big Gay Out a year ago. She also knows (and dated) a few questionably gay people (lol) probably because she's a posh, arty, musical major and just attracts a lot of 'metro' people. We had a big fat chat catching up. She said I looked like Edward Cullen today, which I don't know if it's supposed to be a compliment or not. First of all, I'm not pale at all... and I don't find Edward particularly attractive lol. Anyways, I'm still a little flattered nonetheless.

I need to act more gay lol. I was doing all these poses, actions, and sentences at lunch today and letting my friends decide whether they were "gay or not" lol it was hilarious. My friend was looking up 'how-to-dress-more-gay' for me lol. People say I give off the gay vibe... but in no way am I camp or unquestionably queer. But at university I might have to be a bit more "out there" lol. God.

Gota sleep. More reading to do tomorrow.


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Haha .. I feel so good when I read your posts dunno why.

I'm glad you met your artistic friend, it's nice meeting people from the past and think something like "Oh.. what moments we shared that time".

I thought about applying at philosophy at university when's gonna be. But I thought what job could I get from that? :-?

Sleep well

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Hey Liviu! Thanks. Well, to

Hey Liviu! Thanks.

Well, to be honest philosophy is not really a standalone degree. Like me I take philosophy papers alongside english and politics papers as possible double majors alongside my conjoint law degree. I'm not too sure what the system at your desired university may be, but it may be possible to do a double major (or minor) with philosophy - so that it complements your other major or degree. Regardless, I met someone the other day at debating who only majors in political philosophy - which supposedly can lead to things like policy analysis. He also said it can sometimes lead to positions on medical or ethical boards as a standalone degree. So, philosophy isn't really all that useless.

Of course, I'd still suggest you take it with something else :) Hope that helps

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Hehe thank you :D

Hehe thank you :D