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hey guys. I'm currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. like, i know what i should do but my feelings get in the way (like always).
maybe i should start this off from the beginning.
so back in 2008 i was in a relationship with D and we were currently drifting because of he things she was doing to me so i decided to make new friends and have people to talk to and that's where i met P. i like talking to P but because i was in a relationship nothing went beyond the friendship even though deep inside i did like her. anyways, we ended up losing contact for about a year and i was still in my relationship with D.
but within that year, things between me and D got better bu then towards the worse. so we split. and as much as it was for the best. But anyways...about 2 to 3 months ago me and P got into contact again and we started hanging out. like, just meeting up at night and standing outside our cars just talking and it was okay until one night P admitted that she liked me when we used to talk and that she always wanted to talk or hangout when she moved back here (she was in mainland for college)...

i didn't know what to say except admit that it wasn't one-way on the feelings. but the thing now...she has a gf. what bad timing. and ever since then it's been what i think about even though i had issues and stuff with D still because i still loved her but she's just too immature. :/

i just don't know what to do.

like, we had a convo bout saying how i feel and she'll tell me how she feels but it's like im setting myself up for rejection.

i even asked if she ever had the urge to kiss someone that she wasn't supposed to because i was having those feelings...but i wouldn't do it.
but she told me that if I felt like that then...go for it because i wouldn't know.

i'm so confused with everything.
she's told me that she sees potential in is but idk.
i'm not a's not me.