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One-third of Swedish chicks have bisexual fantasies.

True facts, my friends. True facts.

I would share something like this. XD

I love Sweden. Now I love Sweden 53.5% more than I already did.

...Wow, this has got to be THE shortest journal I've ever made.


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I think everyone on Oasis should just move to Sweden and help all of these women fulfill their fantasies. lol.

How much does a plane ticket to Sweden cost?? :)

"No inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate like cursing? No, inappropriate like fucking." - But I'm a Cheerleader :-)

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I know, right? :p The

I know, right? :p The Swedish girls obviously need some Oasian lovin'!

Hmm, I dunno, but I must get one!

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wow, thanks for thee update :P haha, oh, btw, yesterday i saw a cute blonde lady driving and on the back of her car was a bumper sticker of the sewdish flag and i automatically thought of you XD also, some guy today was saying that hed like to go to sweden for something...i forget what...but i kinda accidentally blurted out "well, if you do, leave the swedish chicks alone...>_>"