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guess what?
next week Christina's coming out here :3. It feels so unreal, ive gotten so used to this LDR. So her coming over here and me finally being able to hug her and stuff is pretty unbelievable :3. im scared.... :\. like what if something goes wrong? gah. i think im gonna get a few panic attacks next week XD. oh boy.
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i dunno about teh cheeseburgers but yes. :D


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I don't think i'll be bringing cheeseburgers but i am coming! Gosh, that sounds dirty. lol. :D

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lol yay for you two! :D

lol yay for you two! :D Cheese, I'm sure everything will go awesomely.

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haha, the picture scared me when it popped up XD
dont worry, im pretty sure things will go fine, so stop being scared and be happy :D