Damn good day.

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So. I'm taking range for driver's ed this week. This girl that I got paired with is awesome. She's got the same interests and sense of humor as me. I wanna cut to the chase, but I feel like I should explain.

And one of my friends is in it.

But I didn't get paired up with him.

I got paired with this girl, Ariel.

And we were talking about this guy, Eric, that we know.

And he cut me off. on the range, so I said... something.

And we started speculating on if he was a virgin or not, lol.

And we started talking about sex and stuff.

We joked that almost everyone in range was probably a virgin. And she mentioned she wasn't. Well, of course, then she asked me if I was.

And I was like, 'erm... technically?'

And she asked what that meant. I said, 'Well, it just depends on what you think counts...'

I was getting somewhat uncomfortable, because a lot of people here are gay-haters and super-mormon, and I haven't even told my best friend here that I'm bi. But she asked again, she asked, 'Well, what have you done? Have you had sex, or not?'

and I finally knew I was cornered, and couldn't dodge the question. Besides, she seemed cool, and something told me it was okay to tell her. So finally I answered, 'well, it depends on if you count girls or not.' I've never been with a guy, but I think we all know I've been with a couple girls. Multiple times. Haha.

Well. Luckily my gut was right. Not only did she take it super-well, but she told me that she was bi, too! And that she was actually more physically attracted to girls than guys. I think that just made my school year.

I mean, really. Were we fated to meet? She's cute, nice, we get along great, and dear lord, she's BI.

I want to kinda ask her out. But I'm still not sure where I stand as far as... erm, if she's attracted to me or not? I hope that if I work up the nerve to ask her, she'll at least give me a shot. I'm a helluva lover. XD


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lucky...haha, im kinda jealous XD well, if you do ask her out, goooood luuuck :)

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Well thanks.

I think I'll ask her on Friday.



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GO GET HER!!!! Afahopthkopha

GO GET HER!!!! Afahopthkopha Its gonna be awesome! :D

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I wanna

give it some time, and get to know her just a little better before I ask her out, but I think I will. One thing that's good, is even me as shy as I am about that sort of thing, could probably find the nerve to be direct and ask her out. She's approachable in that way, not intimidating. Just laid-back.



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Lucky... (thats great!!!)

things just magically find their way in our lives. looks like u just found ur magic. i hope that she'll give u a chance. i pretty certain she will though. its fate, baby. dont fight it.
a psychotic pencilist, moe

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Thanks, moe. I don't think I've seen you before, but I haven't been on for a while, so if you just joined, I wish you a belated welcome to Oasis. Yeah, I have to say, the whole thing was just rather fantastic, in the sense that it's nearly unbelieveable. I'm rather happy, because even if she's not into me like that, I've found someone who's similar to me, and someone I can be myself around, all the time. Unfiltered. I can say waht's on my mind. :]