Damn, it's cold in here.

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Her boyfriend brought her roses on her birthday. :( The last one was a mega-super-ultra-douche and therefore easy to hate, but this guy is nice! And his sister is mildly attractive! ARGH! Why is he so cool? He's supposed to kick kittens or push old ladies or something so I have a valid reason to hate him that doesn't hinge upon jealousy! Well, at least I know she's being treated well, right? Oh, but I could do it so much better... I just know I could!

Anyway, I hate the substitute history guy. He's such an ass, always calling everyone dumb and such... He called ME a name for no apparent reason, and I got really pissy with him, but he didn't seem to notice and/or care, which enrages me. Why would you randomly insult someone who didn't even do or say anything? I don't even remember what exactly he called me... It wasn't too bad or insulting, though, just random and uncalled for.

Also, the rival FAILS at articulating. She keeps bugging me, asking me all these dating questions, which led to this:

Me: Why are you so intent on knowing, huh?
Me: WTF?
Rival: OH FUCK THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT! I meant I was interested in knowing what people like...

Suuuure, rival. Suuuure.

I am never going to let her forget it. EVER.


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Aww. Roses. How sweet! Haha,

Aww. Roses. How sweet!
Haha, don't let her live it down! Just wink at her and when she freaks out, just say "You liked it" ;D
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It disgusts me to say it,

It disgusts me to say it, but he seems to be a pretty cool guy. ><

I am never, ever, ever going to let her forget it. It's just too priceless. Haha!