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Mmkay, so this girl sits at my lunch table, right? And she's really loud. And genreally disliked because of it. She's cool though.. I mean, a lot of people judge her wrongly. But that's not the point. My sister and all of her senior friends still sit at the table next to us.

Today this girl started yelling about something, and apparently in return I started yelling.. I dunno what though. I really have no recollection of yelling... it couldda either been doctor who (which, believe it or not, she wouldda started. I was good until wayyy late in lunch, and that was a quiet albeit excited conversation), or exploding vs. imploding... those were the only times I really talked to her.

So my sister just randomly says to me "Oh by the way, people with us were talking abou thow obnoxoius you were when you started yelling with [that girl]." Uhm... great.

First off, aside from making me think they're jerks for judging me when none of them have said a -word- to me aside from "Hi dakota's brother," that accomplished nothing. Why the hell do I care? I mean... aside from thinking they're jerks. :P

People like that just piss me off... what's wrong with getting a -little bit- loud once? If it were an every day thing, yeah, I'd maybe understand a little bit. But -once-? Jeezus! So now I'm apparently obnoxious to them. Why don't people just screw off and mind their own business? At -least- until they've bothered getting to know me beyond how I dress and who I sit with.

People piss me off. So. Freaking. Much.

And it's sad, cuz my sister is sometimes like that too. She doesn't know that girl at all, but I can tell she's wary of her. Sure she's loud and paranoid, but how the hell else are you supposed to be when everybody around you hates you? Mrh..

Yeah, that's my rant about the judgingness of people in general..


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I know what you meann.. From

I know what you meann..
From reading your posts, you really don't seem like an obnoxious person at all.
I've noticed for a lot of people though, it's easy to judge a person too quickly.
My best friend for instance..if she sees one person acting out and being crazy in a group of people she doesn't know, she automatically deems that group to be strange. She looks at me to agree, and I'm just..Pat, I don't know those kids, some of 'em might be cool- because I make an effort to not judge people I don't know, even when I've heard lots of rumors about them being certain ways.
and there are many sides to people. I'm sure we've all acted differently and have been seen/judged differently on more than one occasion.

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Heh, thanks.. I just really

Heh, thanks..

I just really hate it when people judge without cause. :P

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