F*** You Miley Cyrus!

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I have "Party in the USA" stuck in my head. How messed up is that? lol, I'll admit it's a very catchy tune, but seriously a Miley Cyrus song? Nooooo!!!! lol.

I'm still feeling pretty good about what my mom said about gay people, but now I'm curious if she still feels the same about gay couples adopting. A few years back she said that she thought is was "weird" and "wrong" for gay and lesbian couples to have children. *shrug*, I'm hoping something will happen in the media about gay couples adopting/having kids, so I can bring that up. I'm really curious as to how she feels about that now.

And on a completely unrelated note, I thought Didi on American Idol was good tonight. But I guess I was alone on that, lol. Andrew Garcia is just getting more on my nerves every single week now. I liked his version of "Straight Up", like everyone else, but I can't stand his voice now!

Anyways, time to go to bed, so I can wake up tomorrow and got through the same old stuff tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone :)


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haha, you should watch that

haha, you should watch that music video.. I mean, really, watch it ;D

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I saw a bit of it on American Idol the other night and that's why the song got stuck in the first place. Why should I watch it? Does Miley make a fool of herself? lol.

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there is this big issue going on in the latin community about a famous singer commenting on gays adopting children (it's been on the news a lot and it's starting to bug me... -_- maybeee you can bring that up?


haha, speaking of that song, i just watched a group interpret that song in ASL today and it's been in there since then and i forgot eventually 'til you said something about...thanks...XD

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Thank you!

Oooo...that'll be perfect. I'm definitely going to have to bring that up. It's weird that we haven't heard anything about that up here. That woman is despicable :/

And your welcome :P I eventually got rid of it, too. lol, I hope you did too.

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"Not all who wander are lost"
-- J.R.R. Tolkien