haha, my english teacher... XD

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wow, he is AMAAAZING :D he is the coolest looking teacher i have ever seen :O some people say that if the KFC guy and the monopoly guy had a child together, he'd be it XD he is soooo cuuuute, with his shortness, his awesome round harry potter-type glasses, his little mustache goatee combo, and the weird random noises he makes XD well, anyways, today at the library a friend came up to us laughing and told us he experienced the best schindler (my teacher's name) quote ever (he says the most amazing things that we are beginning to quote him). so this is what happened:

Student: hey, schindler, is it ok if i can use this painting of a lady in her underwear? she isnt being revealing (sort of...) and is (mostly) covered up.
Schindler: what? no, i'd rather watch porn than to see a lady in her undergarments!
Student: *pfft* wow, ok, so i'll take that as a no...

haha, not sure if that's how he responded, i was too busy laughing, almost as funny when someone asked him if he liked Dick's (the restaraunt) and he responded "well, *blush* i have never been asked that directly before..."

haha, i should get back to writing about these art periods...bleh. toodles


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Wow. :D

Wow. :D

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What perple said. :) :)

What perple said. :) :)