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Today I got hairgel, payed for condoms that I don't have yet, and got the Dr. Horrible soundtrack. The first two are for the same thing... if you know what it is, you know what it is. If not... whatever. xD

Teh third I got cuz I wanted it, but I've gotten too many things recently... I'd have felt bad if I bought it. so my friend burned it for me. I didn't even have to ask... she just did. I feel like I've been asking for too many things recently... Id unno. whatever.

Ftr, the condoms are from a friend. I didn't like... order them online or something. That'd be weird. oO

I got home and learned that Izy broke up with his boyfriend.. I was the one that got Izy to ask him out, and I'm really good friends with both. He says that he'll go back as soon as he's happier... I hope he does. I love them.. but it's depressing either way.. ><

I also went to one of the favorite old haunts of senior. It was a bit odd, even if I never saw him there... all I could think of was him dancing there or someodd. It wasn't even in a feelingsy way, just like... I dunno. Maybe it was. I can't even tell anymore..

I hadn't thought about him in a while though. I mean, I had, but not -really-. Like... I think about apples all t he time, but I don't really contemplate them. Same thing.. my friends mention him, I think "Oh.." and move on. But today I had a mini convo with him. He's foudn some job that's like an on and off thing, but when he's doing it he gets 800 bucks a week... this week he's getting 1200. that's freaking insane. oO

And now I'm home once again contemplatign the fact that there are so freaking many amazing people int eh world that I'll never get to meet... and I'm not just referring to actors. Theyw ere just the ones that made me realize it. xD

I mean really... think of all of the conversations or memories or friends I coudl be missing just cuz I was born where I was born and when I was born, in the situation that I was born in... it's kinda crazy. It's almost as crazy as thinkign about the fact that if your parents had even been one minute later in the act of making you, you woudln't be you... you'd be some other sperm and some other genes, and therefor some other entirely different person. Weird, right?

Mm, in other news.. I have nothing suits me like a suit and let's go to the mall on my ipod now. ^^

But there's no sandcastles in the sand... how sad. Instead I have the version of assassins the musical with nph in it. Yeah, one of those amazign people that I'll never get to meet. At least I can sta-Imean listen to his music and stuff. >>



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would skylar buy ME condoms? :D lol jk

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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I'm Still Learning...

...the language. But I hope "j k" means joke :)

Footnote: What is my Mac trying to tell me? In the above sentence I tried to leave no space between "j" and "k"... but some internal (not always infernal) program would immediately replace it with "kJ". Can someone tell me in what way this makes any more sense?

Edit --- 5 minutes later: kJ = kilojoule! But it's still weird...

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Haha, it means just

Haha, it means just kidding... close enough. xD

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...Should have known. I'm learning the jargon... but slowly.