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So last night... I ended up going to see Alice in Wonderland. It was pretty awesome. The.. I dunno... creatures, I s'pose, were amazing. It was some bizarre combination of alice in wonderland and through the looking glass thoufgh. And then the dodo bird was acting like a bird of prey. >>

Uhm.. last night I got a horrid sleep. I was too focused on making sure no ear stuff got on my pillow to ever properly sleep... resulting in me waking up this morning just feeling off. Which was really too bad, cuz I couldn't fully enjoy my crumpet.

Okay seriously, that word was totally used for them specifically so that they would sound unbelievably english. xD

"Crumpet".. it really does just scream "I'M FROM ENGLAND!!!" xDD

Anywho, I watched all of the oscar nominated shorts today... there was one that was animated entirely in logos and mascots... it was crazy!! They made mr. clean very gay... it was amusing. That one's almost definitely gonna win... although some tiny part of me is rooting for one of the more classic ones... likely just cuz I -love- the whole animated shorts art form.

Did you know there's a new wallace and gromit short? oO

I suggest everybody look them up though. Seriously... they're all great!
And, ftr, a lot of me does want the logo one to win.... it was so clever. xD

But then... french roast... grandma grimms... La Dama y el muerte... so great. >>

D'awww, conflict...

Now I feel better, thanks to the shorts. Now I need to watch the live action shorts... maybe the documentary shorts? I'll try to get in the last 4 best picture nominees too... DUDE! Up was nominated for best picture as -well- as animated picture... how great is that?? I mean, it won't win, but... how great is that?? xD

Geez, I typed all of this with one hand... cuz the other one's occupied in trying to keep ear stuff from getting on my face. >>

I'll shut up now. xD