I apologize

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I'm being a bad member of this site. I've had nothing to write lately, and I've been jammed with homework so I can't comment...

Tonight was no exception. We went to the High School and my sister showed me around and we got papers and it was fun. I started crying though because they were all going "Running Start! Blah blah! It's free college! Blah blah blah! It'll be a great deal!" and all I heard was "Do this, do that, it's good for you, it'll be a challenge, have no life in high school, just get a job, get into college cuz we're not paying for your ass."

I was so tired when I got home... I cooked my own dinner, and then I pulled out my good ol' two books about crackin' the SAT's and started studying. I put in Harry Potter #1 and studied for TWO HOURS on the reading part of it.

...I fell asleep. I didn't get ANY homework done. I'm gonna be so jammed today with homework. I hate hate HATE my language arts homework... It's so annoying. It's pointless work that I can't fit into my (Albeit sparce) days full of trying to make myself a better test-taker. I'm good in classes. I fail at tests. I think I get "Test fever" and rush or take too long. Mostly rushing. I make a lot of simple mistakes. So I'm trying to do a win/win and study my SAT's and also learn how to take tests better.

But my home-y work is falling behind :C

Anyways, yesterday before I had to bolt out of the door to go to my High School, I had a little bit written in a journal that I didn't get to post.

I'll try to remember as much as I can

With T:
He DOES like me and want to date me, but he wants a break
I totally understand with that. So we're just REAL close. It's nice. I'm happy on this aspect.

With C:
She's mad at me! Ohnoes! Because I won't speak my very broken french for her XD She hit me! Repeatedly! With my French handbook and now she won't talk to me. T___T
I know she's joking, but... It's still making me feel bad :C She's so beautiful! I should tell her that. In French. But I'm not sure how to. I mean, I know basically how to, it's just the transition words that get me caught up... C speaks French incredibly fluently so I don't want to seem like an idiot! Any help here?

With B:

Jeezus she hugs like a bisexual.
How do I explain that?! D:

It makes me blush when she hugs me .///.
It's like *HUG* *rubs your arm or hair or face or shoulder really slowly*
(Well this is nice, huh it feels sorta liek she's...)

Ok it's probably all me there XD

And uh, well, I have to go to school soon. So yeah.


What color are your eyes? And what color is your favorite eye color?

And what do you think mine is? I dunno if I have it on here somewhere, but guess XD


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my eyes...

icky brown D:

favorite color:dark, dark grren eyess, like everygreen color

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Tu as (or es?) tres belle or

Tu as (or es?) tres belle or something is you're beautiful in francais.

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I love light eyes... or eyes that change :)

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ohitotallyforgot. my eyes

my eyes are brown. i hate it on me, but i think it's gorgeous on certain other girls.
and Green is my favorite color. (: bright, electric green.

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Yes, it's "Tu es tres

Yes, it's "Tu es tres belle", just like holahaveamuffin said.

Eyes. Hmm, I've actually never been able to tell for sure what color my eyes are. Everyone thinks I'm stupid because of this, but it's actually very confusing. They are mostly green, but they have a slight bluish tint and around the pupil, they are kind of goldish.

My favorite eye color is blue. Big, gorgeous blue eyes = ♥

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dark dark brown...i see them as little black holes, but my friend says that when im in the sunshine they turn into a really pretty rich dark brown, or something.

i loooooooooooove bright green eyes <3