i cant come up with a title...so yeah. be happy with this. :]

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got an mp4 player. cause im NOT carrying a cd player around. >.>. mom and gabriel were shopping on amazon.com for a kid's dart board for the boy, and i asked her if i could get an mp3 player. i ended up finding a better deal on an mp4 player though. :P. its not an ipod (which just wouldve been awesome, but then again i dont really do the whole 1 song for a buck......unless its like a cd and i really like the artist. then i will pay for it. XD. but yeah. ish red :D. likes meh headphones :). cause i just love to match...not really.
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O___O THAT CAT is on

is on crack.

And I'm happy to hear about your Mp4 :3 I hope it doesn't crap out like mine did o.o We had to get it replaced XD
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